Name of Intervention/ Program
TSET Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline: Bus Shelters and Benches

Background and Situation Analysis
Each year, 7,500 Oklahomans die from a smoking-related illness, according to figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Additionally, smoking costs Oklahoma $1.62 billion in related health care costs each year. The main goal of The Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline (OTH) is to reduce the tobacco prevalence in Oklahoma. OTH uses traditional and non-traditional media to educate and encourage tobacco users to make a quit attempt. Since 2003, OTH has received more than 590,000 registrations from Oklahomans.

Priority Audiences(s)
The Helpline’s primary audience is Oklahomans between the ages of 25-64 years old who use tobacco. Tobacco use is highest among persons with less education and lower incomes. Secondary audiences include health care providers, employers wanting to create a healthier workplace, those trying to help loved ones quit tobacco and former tobacco users trying to stay tobacco free.

Behavioral Objectives
OTH ultimately wanted to increase registrations to the Helpline and educate Oklahomans on the free tobacco cessation resources and support offered. This objective is measured by looking at the number of registrations to the Helpline while in flight. An objective for this tactic is to generate a 20% increase in Helpline registrations while in flight. An additional measurement considered is total impressions. It is important to note that bus stop signage and benches are just one tactic in our marketing efforts.

Description of Strategy/Intervention
Quitting tobacco is a complex journey marked by numerous stops and setbacks. Recognizing this challenge, we aim to address it through advertisements strategically placed on bus benches and shelters. The locations chosen were based on the demographics of our target audience, which include low-income individuals who may be more likely to use public transportation. Locations include: o 41 Tulsa locations beginning Aug 1, 2023 ending March 31st. Estimated Impressions – 116,620,000 o 75 OKC locations beginning Aug 1, 2023 ending March 31st. Estimated Impressions – 62,506,500 o 15 Lawton locations beginning Aug 1, 2023 ending March 31st. Estimated Impressions – 28,285,250 These impressions along with our other tactics and marketing efforts helped equate to increased brand awareness as well as leading to the large increase in registrants while in flight. The creative for these ads emphasize a deep understanding of the difficulties inherent in quitting tobacco and highlight the Helpline’s vital role in the process. The visuals blend seamlessly into the environment and serve as guideposts, offering a sense of direction and support for every unique quitting journey. By tapping into the metaphor of travel and exploration while waiting for the bus, we position the Helpline as a valuable resource aiding individuals on the route to a tobacco-free life.

The plan began with the idea to design creative to intrigue the audience at a bus stop and educate them about the Helpline services and appeal to individuals on their unique journeys toward quitting. Placement was determined in Oklahoma City, Tulsa and Lawton with a total of 131 locations for 35 weeks. These locations were established as high traffic areas based around our target audience.

Evaluation Methods and Results
OTH understands the difficulties individuals face when attempting to quit tobacco and excels in playing a key role for Oklahomans during the process. The Helpline is a valuable resource aiding individuals on their journey to a tobacco-free life. OTH acquires numbers from a third-party vendor which reports how many registrants the helpline receives weekly and monthly. With the help of additional media tactics, registrations to the helpline increased 32% while the bus benches and shelters were in flight. o Objective/Goal – Generate a 20% increase in Helpline registrations while in flight. o Actual – 32% increase in Helpline registrations while bus signages and benches were in flight. There were a total of 131 bus bench and shelter locations for a total of 35 weeks, making 179,934,650 total impressions.

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