Name of Intervention/ Program
Fostering Behavior Change Minute

Background and Situation Analysis
Most program developers have little time to access information from the fields of social marketing and the behavioral sciences that would improve the initiatives they deliver. The Fostering Behavior Change Minute is a weekly e-newsletter designed to provide these individuals with information that they can utilize to design and deliver more effective behavior change programs. Each newsletter edition addresses a different topic that is pertinent to the development and deployment of successful programs but does so in a highly readable format that only takes a few minutes to absorb.

Priority Audiences(s)
The priority audience for the Fostering Behavior Change Minute is program developers of environmental, health and safety behavior change programs.

Behavioral Objectives
As noted above, the primary objective of the Fostering Behavior Change Minute is to provide easily digested information on how knowledge from social marketing and the behavioral sciences can enhance the delivery of behavioral change programs. By providing this information directly to subscribers’ inboxes, it has a much higher likelihood of being consumed than if program developers had to search for this information.

Description of Strategy/Intervention
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Evaluation Methods and Results
To date, there have been 83 editions of the weekly newsletter. The Minute has a high open rate and a very low unsubscribe rate (only a handful of program developers unsubscribe each week). As of this submission, a total of 12,260 program managers receive the Minute on a weekly basis. The large number of subscribers and the very low level of unsubscribes indicate that the Fostering Behavior Change Minute is meeting audience needs in terms of providing information that they feel is important to their work.

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