Name of Intervention/ Program
New Hampshire COVID Travelers Awareness Campaign

Background and Situation Analysis
In the ongoing battle against the COVID-19 pandemic in New Hampshire (NH), the necessity for clear communication regarding prevention, quarantine, and testing protocols became paramount, particularly for travelers entering or returning to the state. The pandemic’s impact underscored the urgency for comprehensive campaigns to disseminate crucial information. JSI responded to this imperative by aligning its campaign messaging with existing state COVID-19 communications, ensuring consistency and comprehension among priority audiences.

Priority Audiences(s)
The campaign prioritized adult tourists and non-native travelers visiting NH, alongside NH residents returning from out-of-state travel. These key demographics formed the primary focus of the campaign’s targeted messaging and outreach efforts.

Behavioral Objectives
The campaign sought to bolster awareness and understanding of COVID-19 prevention, testing sites, and quarantine guidelines among NH residents returning from travel and visitors to the state. It aimed to harmonize messaging with existing state COVID-19 communications to mitigate confusion among travelers. The specific behavioral objectives guiding campaign activities included: Communicating COVID-19 prevention, quarantine, and testing best practices to increase awareness and knowledge among NH residents returning from domestic or international travel. Informing domestic and international travelers visiting NH about COVID-19 testing sites, quarantine guidance, and safety practices. Aligning campaign messaging with existing COVID-19 communications from NH agencies to prevent traveler confusion regarding recommended best practices.

Description of Strategy/Intervention
JSI embarked on rapid formative research to identify prevailing COVID-19 communication resources and successful campaigns, laying the groundwork for a community-based social marketing campaign. Leveraging insights gleaned from this research, the campaign deployed transit and digital advertisements featuring an original animated video. These advertisements directed viewers to the official NH Department of Health and Human Services website for comprehensive information on COVID-19 best practices. The campaign’s key messages centered on promoting responsible behavior, including masking and adhering to hygiene protocols, while encouraging individuals to access reliable information from official channels.

Strategically placed campaign advertisements were distributed on various channels, including television screens in the Manchester NH airport baggage claim area, YouTube, and buses and bus stations serving NH’s border regions. The meticulous placement ensured maximum exposure to target audiences, particularly out-of-state visitors and returning residents. By leveraging these diverse platforms, the campaign optimized its reach and engagement, effectively disseminating critical information to the intended recipients.

Evaluation Methods and Results
Running from November 2022 to May 2023, the campaign achieved remarkable success, garnering 4,214,186 video impressions via YouTube and airport advertising. Static advertisements adorned 64 buses and 4 bus stations statewide, further amplifying the campaign’s visibility. Notably, the YouTube campaign generated 1,103 clicks to the official COVID-19 website, boasting an impressive view rate of nearly 50%. This surpassed the platform’s average rate of 10-15%, indicating heightened engagement and audience retention, underscoring the campaign’s efficacy in delivering its message effectively.

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