Name of Intervention/ Program
Sports Betting Brochure

Background and Situation Analysis
As sports betting is becoming more popular in Alberta, GameSense needs to keep players informed. These brochures were added to the brochures available in all 28 Casinos and Racing Entertainment Centers in Alberta. They were also taken to tradeshows and special events.

Priority Audiences(s)
Our primary audience is Albertans 18+ and our secondary audience are sports betting patrons or those who want to learn more about specific sports betting options.

Behavioral Objectives
Educate Albertans on sports betting and the terminology used so they can make informed decisions.

Description of Strategy/Intervention
One of our key strategic pillars is to foster a culture of moderation, which is executed through our three social responsibility programs, including GameSense. GameSense strives to educate Albertans 18-75 on how to manage their gambling habits and setting limits. As part of that an execution we developed was a brochure that had sports betting information in it which will be present throughout the province in all casinos.

We implemented this collateral by printing 3,500 brochures and distributing them to the 28 casinos in the province. We also use these brochures during tradeshows to help Albertans understand the games that they are gambling on.

Evaluation Methods and Results
The campaign goal was to help people understand the different options available to them when they are sports betting and to always use their GameSense. For the information that was more that what we had room to include in the brochure we directed people to the website while our campaign was in market. There was an increase of 22.05% of new users on our site at the launch of this brochure and campaign (10,555 vs 8,648)

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