Name of Intervention/ Program
Tobacco Stops With Me “Apartments” Campaign

Background and Situation Analysis
Secondhand smoke not only affects individuals within their own homes, but also impacts everyone around them. In apartments and multiunit housing, residents can breathe up to 65% of the same air as their neighbors, with smoke from just one cigarette able to harm multiple individuals in the building. The smoke can travel through various pathways such as floorboards, cracks, gaps, jacks, outlets, windows, doors, vents and light fixtures, exposing everyone to its harmful effects. Secondhand smoke is harmful to health, with children at risk of developing asthma, bronchitis, ear infections, lung damage and respiratory infections, while adults face increased risks of heart disease, lung cancer, stroke, and reduced fertility. Despite the significant impact of secondhand smoke on residents, visitors, property owners, and managers, many may not be aware of the dangers. However, research shows 71% of residents prefer to live in smokefree spaces. Tobacco Stops With Me (TSWM) developed a campaign, “Apartments”, to raise awareness and educate the public about the risks of secondhand smoke in multiunit housing, encouraging advocacy for smokefree living. The TSWM “Apartments” campaign ultimately educates, empowers and equips the target audience with resources and information enabling them to make a positive impact within their homes and communities.

Priority Audiences(s)
Tobacco Stops With Me’s primary audience for this campaign is Oklahoma adults living in multiunit housing, as well as civically engaged Oklahoma adults who may be willing to join others in advocacy against the issue.

Behavioral Objectives
Through captivating stop motion animation, this campaign educates and inspires action against the dangers of secondhand smoke. The primary objective is to engage property owners and residents of multiunit housing, advocating for smokefree policies to ensure healthier lives for Oklahomans. Our measurable objective is to increase the percentage of Oklahomans who report secondhand smoke is very harmful to one’s health from 61% to 74%. This is measured through an annual survey conducted statewide by the University of Oklahoma’s Health Sciences Center at the Hudson College of Public Health. Tobacco Stops With Me equips the audience with the necessary materials and resources to advocate for broader policy changes promoting clean air.

Description of Strategy/Intervention
The TSWM “Apartments” campaign is illustrated through stop motion animation to show how secondhand smoke can travel quickly from just one puff of a cigarette. The videos show how smoke impacts everyone living in multiunit housing, including children and pets. By targeting property owners and residents, Tobacco Stops With Me aims to raise awareness and educate Oklahomans of the harmful toxins and chemicals present in secondhand smoke. Many people are unaware of the dangers secondhand smoke can have on them. Many property owners and managers face financial burdens caused by secondhand smoke. Those exposed to smoke at home are at a higher risk of developing nicotine addiction later in life, with approximately 1,300 Oklahoma kids initiating smoking annually. Beyond the financial implications, the detrimental effects of smoke exposure persistently affect children.

Tobacco Stops With Me collaborated with the American Lung Association to dive into the true dangers of secondhand smoke to educate the audience. This campaign utilized stop-motion animation through compelling storytelling to message on secondhand smoke. This campaign empowers and equips the audience to make a difference and create change in their communities through education and resources provided by Tobacco Stops With Me. The campaign’s videos visualize how smoke travels through air vents, cracks, windows and doors and impacts every person residing in the multiunit housing. Secondhand smoke affects everyone around you, and this is illustrated through the TSWM “Apartments” stop motion campaign. Through these efforts Tobacco Stops With Me has created a highly recognizable message throughout the state to recruit Oklahomans to advocate for a tobacco-free future.

Evaluation Methods and Results
The TSWM “Apartments” campaign launched across different social and digital platforms with positive results. The objective with this campaign was to increase the percentage of Oklahomans who report secondhand smoke as very harmful to one’s health from 61% to 74%. However, the survey results have not come back for 2023, and are expected in the summer of 2024. The KPI for social video is 12% for an engaged user rate, which the TSWM “Apartments” campaign well-exceeded at a 52.74% engaged user rate. Alongside other social assets including website click ads and promoted posts, “Apartments” exceeded the KPI of 35% engaged users at 38.8% for website click ads and exceeded the KPI of 8% at 8.57% for promoted posts. Ultimately, digital video for the “Apartments” campaign overwhelmingly surpassed the KPI of a 50% view rate at a 92.68% view rate. The campaign drove over 3,385 landing page sessions to the website, including 1.4 million video completions. On TV, the TSWM “Apartments” spot received 35,765,362 impressions.

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