Name of Intervention/ Program
Community-Based Social Marketing Website (

Background and Situation Analysis
The community-based social marketing website ( was designed to make it significantly easier for practitioners and academics to quickly find academic articles, case studies, forum threads, and colleagues. Finding relevant information about specific behavior change initiatives (e.g., carpooling, skin cancer protection, etc.) is challenging for practitioners and scholars. Further, finding colleagues at a global level who work on the exact behavioral change is nearly impossible. The CBSM website makes it easy to find actionable information and colleagues that can improve the quality of a wide array of behavioral change programs.

Priority Audiences(s)
The website has two principal audiences: behavioral change program developers and students/academics who research behavioral change initiatives.

Behavioral Objectives
Not applicable

Description of Strategy/Intervention
Not applicable

The CBSM website is freely available to both practitioners and students/academics. As part of the site registration, site users indicate which behaviors they wish to track (e.g., curbside organic collection, blood donations, cancer screening). The CBSM website then creates a unique landing page for the user showcasing academic articles, case studies, and forum discussions related to their interests. Notably, the website also showcases other site users who are working on similar behavioral changes. This “colleagues” feature allows practitioners and students/academics to find and easily message colleagues from across the globe. The site also includes a discussion forum and associated digest.

Evaluation Methods and Results
The CBSM website is likely the most heavily used online social marketing resource. In 2023 alone, the site received over 50,000 visitors. Further, over the time that the site has been active, 55,000 site visitors have registered for the site, and nearly 5,000 of those users have subscribed to the daily/ weekly site digest associated with the site. This digest features articles, cases, forum discussions, and other content of use to social marketing professionals. In addition, as of this submission, the site contains information on over 1900 academic articles, over 200 case studies, and over 3000 discussion forum posts.

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Entry Letter: B